10 Year Reunion Info

Hosts: Melissa Keith, J.J. Young, Christina Bennett, Kelly Nichols

When: Friday & Saturday, July 24th & 25th

Location: Parma, Idaho

Contact: 208-869-4921 or by email:kel_2626@yahoo.com


On Friday, the 24th, we have planned a bar night at Mona's in Parma. Appetizers will be provided, however you will be responsible for drinks, transportation and safety. Please plan accordingly. You are welcome to bring spouses and significant others, but please leave the kiddo's at home (obviously).

Saturday, the 25th, is a full day family event (kiddos and all). We will start with a softball tournament at the field across from J.J. Young's parents' house@ 1:00 pm (please bring any equipment you have access to). Following the game at 6:00 pm, a BBQ will be held at Old Fort Boise Park. We will provide the steak, chicken, and hotdogs (in response please let us know your preference for all attending), all utensils, and 3 beverages (tea, lemonade, water) outside of those, please bring your own.

We are asking for people to bring: app/snacks (A-L), sides (M-R), and desserts (S-Z). Those are split up aphabetically respectively A-L, M-R and S-Z (by maiden names ladies). Please bring your family favorite.

We are requesting $5 an adult and $2 per child attending (Made payable to Parma High Class of 99 c/o Melissa Keith, sent to P.O. Box 506, Caldwell, Idaho 83606). At the BBQ there will be activities to keep the kids occupied and happy.

Please RSVP by June 20th. Please include your BBQ preferences as well as how many will be attending. Hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please contact Kelly at kel_2626@yahoo.com.

Tell Everyone What You've Been Up To!

Copy the following questions, fill them out, and email it to me! OR, if you've already done it, copy it and pass it on to one of your fellow class members!

To show up on the page:
** Maiden Name:
** Name:
** If your name is pronounced differently than it looks, how is it pronounced?
** Where are you living? (city and state only)
** What did you do after high school?
** Did you go to college or a vo-tech school? If so, where?
** Did you join a branch of the armed services? If so, which one? Where has it taken you?
** What is your current job? What does it entail? Do you like it?
** Has your family grown: married (when/who?), significant other's name?, kids (ages & names?), pets?
** Narrative/story of what's been happening.

Will not show up on the page:
Also, please include:
--your email address as well as whether or not you want your email address shared with others,
--a physical/mailing address (if you're on the move, college, etc. and want any mail sent in care of parents, etc. please provide that address) as well as if you want that address shared with others.
--pictures of you from back THEN and one of you NOW.